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9 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips - That Actually Work

August 31, 2021

by Neil Patel The world is shrinking. Remember the Six Degrees of Separation trend from the 1990’s? The hypothesis was that anyone in the world could be connected to anyone else by only six people. Meaning your friend who has a friend (and so on) somehow knows LeBron James. Cool idea, right? It’s now down to 3.5 Degrees. We’re more connected tha...

Growing a Longer-Lasting Brand on LinkedIn

August 24, 2021

Organizations like yours continually see the long-lasting benefits of connecting with your audience in a way that makes your brand memorable. Brand equity, or the value of customer perception of the brand, builds over time. In fact, it is estimated that 95% of buyers are not in the market to purchase when they see an ad. These buyers come gradually in-market. And if your brand equity is strong, yo...

10 Elements of Landing Pages that Convert

August 17, 2021

Landing pages are central to successful marketing campaigns; they allow you to target particular customers with particular solutions to particular problems. It’s easy to confuse what a landing page is because users “land” on many pages. When we talk about landing pages, we mean a page that is entirely dedicated to a particular type of customer. In fact, if we could create a un...

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