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5 Website Design Tips

July 19, 2022

By Lobban Erwin The internet is rapidly growing and continually evolving, making it challenging to keep up with the latest trends. Websites are a perfect example. Fifteen years ago, we could have never guessed the importance of building and designing a website for a business. Yet today, it is essential for a business’s success to keep up with trends and platforms. If your priority i...


July 14, 2022

BY PADDI MACDONNELL Welcome to our guide to the best new websites this month. If subtle, minimal sites are your thing, either look away now or prepare to have your preconceptions challenged because this month, we are going maximalist. Lots of elements fill up the screen, lots of color, lots of big fonts, lots of illustration, and plenty of in-your-face personality. This is a tricky style to ...

2022 Logo Trend Report

July 5, 2022

BY BILL GARDNER The 20th Annual Logo Trend Report presented by LogoLounge is full of all the good, the badass, and the ugly. I was recently asked to reflect back on the past 20 years of the LogoLounge Trend Report. How has it shaped the way I design? What has the impact been on me personally? What came to mind was a phrase I often use, but that others seldom understand: “It’s mor...

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