Graphic Design Trends for 2019

What are the predicted visual graphic design trends for 2019? Is it worth following? Or better to try to create trends yourself?

First of all, I would like to say that I do not want to downgrade following trends, and I think it is only good to have someone who sets the "tone" from where to get inspiration when doing your work. However, I also think that one should not become "too stylish”.

I think the design will always be good, up to date and appreciated if you choose good typography, the composition is thoughtful, the work is original, you stick to the grid, but I use the word grid anyway, respect the hierarchy and balance between everyone elements together, and quite simply, let the design breathe.

I believe that a balance has to be found between following current trends, tastes and own handwriting.

Here, I will briefly introduce you to the five brightest projected 2019 graphic design trends. 

1. Huge and experimental typography

Letters are maximally large, they play a big role in the composition, or even are the main element. Fonts are combined, font thickness is changed, distance between letters is played.


2. Anti-gravity, moving, flying elements

Where flat and fixed objects are combined with three-dimensional and moving elements that tend to "float". The "floating" elements are particularly relevant in web design, which can attract the visitor's attention by making the page more interactive.


3. 3D

While four years ago, most of the design was flat, it is now back in fashion in 3D, and it is not at all surprising. It is able to create a realistic feeling that the work can be touched and can make the viewer want to touch it. 3D has so much to offer as softwares has evolved so far that it is already very difficult, if not impossible distinguish 3D renderer from real photography and it no longer looks neat and clumsy like it was ten years ago. 3D creates a futuristic design, creating the feeling of being imported into the future.


4. Open composition

The composition is less predictable, it moves and shifts drags more attention as it opens and breaks. Resist the frame and get out of the box.


5.Light colors

Gradients, synthetic color tones, and combinations of them, which create a sense of other realities, are still relevant. Futurism and color schemes that create a dreamlike feeling.

Of course, when it comes to trends, Pantone Color of the Year should definitely be overlooked. So what does that really mean? How do you see this "living coral" shade everywhere in 2019?

It will only happen if you give it special importance, but yes, the tone of the year is set to be used. And often. Pantone knows better than you and me about the impact of color on consumers and the importance of color in marketing


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