A case study of implementing video content marketing tool in Logistics Industry

Founded in 1997, Cerasis is amongst the top-notch North American 3rd-party logistics company that offers many solutions focusing mainly on LTL freight management. For 15 years, the company utilized traditional marketing and relying heavily on referrals, which was an effective strategy to that time. They were able to acquire new customers, as well as retained current ones. 

The challenge
However, they were not obtaining leads or gaining sales from larger and more sophisticated groups - those who would have a significant impact on the company’s revenue. Additionally, the company recognized that it was not seen as a thought leader within the industry. To exceed the status quo, Cerasis made a decision to shift from their traditional approach to a more modern content marketing strategy – and video content was implemented on it. 
Cerasis recognized to catch the attention of the company’s preferred customers, to increase brand awareness, and to be perceived as a leader within the industry, they needed to make innovative changes to its marketing strategy. The company decided to implement a video marketing tool inclusive of participation in social media with morden content creation, curation, and distribution. 

The solution
Taking a research-based approach to strategy development, Cerasis studied internal company data, trends, and metrics and conducted market research. Using this information, Cerasis determined the type of messaging it wanted to share, identified the target audience (buyer persona), and identified the platforms it felt would be the most effective. Then, they delivered the message with the most attractive form of media – moving pictures.


The production of a video to introduce about their business was essential to kick-off the plan. Following, an interactive series of sharing tips and knowledge about the industry was established to gain more traffics to their channel. 

Implementing video content with other marketing methods to develop a precise content marketing strategy, Cerasis moved forward with implementation. The company took a measured approach: “Once we had a strategy in place we needed to execute it. We started simply - we posted one piece of content each day.”, Director of marketing at Cerasis  Adam Robinson shared.
As a result of overall campaign, 
-    Visits to the company website increased by 1,141%, 
-    Visits to the company blog increased from zero to 46,404.
-    Organic traffic increased by 4,066%.
-    Traffic driven by social media increased by 376,150%.
-    715 leads from content marketing
-    14% of leads converted to customers
-    98 new customers
-    14% increase in sales revenue
The success of overall campaign can also be linked to the company’s new content marketing program, which has increased brand awareness and positioned the company as a leader within the industry. 

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