Most common mistakes of logistics companies' websites.

Well planned, budgeted and designed website can have a huge impact on marketing -that is clear. But when it comes to experts, that’s where we come in. 

X2 Global Media is a creative digital agency with focus in the logistics industry. We looked at the 9 most common mistakes that many logistics companies are still not aware of.

Lack of Branding

Branding is not just a logo... It is the development of your business’s look in combination with your business’s purpose. The visual aspects of your company include your logo, color selection, fonts, patterns and the graphic style. This usually seems to be the first thing when you think of branding, but there is more! The less obvious, but extremely important part of branding, includes a strong mission statement and slogan.

Treating a website just as an online brochure

These days, many logistics businesses still think that a website is just an online brochure, a digital business card - it is not! It’s an issue that concerns approach. That mindset leads to neglecting business opportunities in the digital world.  A website is a sales tool, a lead generation platform. It is a formidable and tireless sales/marketing machine that works for you 24/7.

Flash Banners & Outdated Plugins

Firstly, Flash technology is abandoned because it has very big security issues. Flash banners slow down websites and waste bandwidth. Having Flash banner or any other outdated plugin warning message on the brand website these days is like ignoring the reality, it simply shows that the owner doesn’t care about his website. Sometimes it can play back big because now more and more clients are looking for the care, finding solutions through innovative approach.

Need a Clear Call to Action

Users have found your website, good, but the battle is far from over. What do you want them to do now? Whether it’s a quote request, a lead, or a subscription, you need to clearly nudge them in the direction of the next step, you need to add a progression to the next level of interaction by including a decisive call to action button – a simple and straightforward next step for your relationship with the user. Without it the visitor feels not welcomed, forced to look for the way to be serviced – bad user experience. 

Not responsive website Mobile Traffic

Your website needs to be responsive to smartphone-based web browsers, meaning it needs to be configured to load quickly and display quickly on a screen of any size. If your page cannot be adequately navigated using a smartphone, then you are missing out on a significant amount of traffic and conversions.

No will to invest in site’s Blog

Your website’s blog is an integral part of your overall success it’ s where you can personalise your site, and therefore, differentiate your logistics services from your competitors. It’s where you can add fresh and interesting content that engages with your potential conversions in the way that a straightforward ecommerce platform cannot. With the help of SEO strategies blog posts become a powerful tool for gaining visibility.

Your blog should have regular scheduled updates, with content that is well-written  and relevant to global logistics. If you’re incapable of producing an interesting blog, then you should certainly consider farming the task out to a professional writer - one you can always find at X2 Global Media. A good writer should be in the logistics industry, be able to create engaging written article utilising SEO, make it personable and yet promotional.

Lack of social proof & trust signals

Not providing testimonials, logistics partners and industry awards or a portfolio will decrease the amount of trust the viewer has in the website and the business. Obviously, trust is a key, and an important factor in freight process that is taken into account by potential client in the decision-making process. Take action to demonstrate trustworthiness.

Being Anti-Social on Social Media

If your website was a person at a party, would it be meeting new logistics people and networking, or would it be lurking in the corner (wishing it was at home eating chips on the sofa)? You need to unlock the potential of social media by being sociable. If you’re not active on social media, then you’re missing out on potential traffic.

Lack of Corporate Video

Needless to say, visibility matters a lot in todays freight industry. It is the age of fighting for prominence amidst tough competitors. But you can stand out in the strife if you are unique. To become one-of-a-kind you need to establish a strong brand personality. Adding video to the homepage describes your character to your target audience. It’s  a great way of displaying your company culture in a more appealing and modern way. Viewers can easily relate to what you are trying to convey and build a long-lasting emotional connection with you. If you don’t show your corporate video you are missing out these main benefits:

- Video Entertains and Engages Potential Customers
- Homepage Videos Boost SEO
- Widens Your Reach and Increases Your Visibility
- Increases Credibility and Trustworthiness of the Brand
- Homepage Videos Double Lead Conversion

If some of these mistakes are present on your website, remember - that’s why X2 Global Media - the experts in logistics companies web development is there to help!

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